Brick Paver Decks

Brick Paver Deck

Maintenance Free

Long Lasting and Durable

Unlimited Design Options


Build the deck of your dreams. A brick paver deck is maintenance free and will last a lifetime. A wood deck is heavy with maintenance, a composite deck has limited design options. A brick paver deck provides the perfect alternative that is maintenance free and provides a luxurious setting that fits your design taste. Essential Outdoor Services is the leading installer of brick paver decks in the Oakland County area. Call us today for a free quote 248-420-8469. 

Turn your outdoor living space into your paradise with out wasting time and money maintaining your space. The technology used is designed to uphold against freezing tempatures and the harsh heat. Wood and composite decks trap water and moisture causing it to  warp and distort over time. With a brick paver deck these problems are solved. Our experienced team will help you create your unique and customized outdoor living space.


A brick paver deck requires a strong structural support system to support the weight of the pavers. Grate grids provide the subfloor for a variety of materials engineered for strength and durability. 


The subfloor grid grates provide ideal applicatoin where decking materials like wood or composite would have otherwise been the only choice.



Elegant and luxurious, the investment in your deck should be nothing less than what a brick paver deck provides; durability, luxury and maintenance free.

You may be able to upgrade your current high manintenance wood deck into a maintenance free brick paver deck.

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